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As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, parents were left at home with their children what brought lots of different responsibilities. It is not only being a teacher, but also a cook, cleaner, friend but still mum and dad. Parents and families can be searching for nutritional advice as provide the right nutrition for your children is beneficial for their development.

Is there a specific food kids should eat to ensure they maintain good level of energy, brain development and immunity?

There is no single food that , in isolation, can have a magic effects on all of that. Children need wide variety of foods regardless they are vegetarians or does not consume certain food due to religious beliefs.

High intake of sugary food and drinks might be an idea how to give a child a quick energy boost, however, it does not last long. It usually follows with lethargic feeling and lack of concentration.

Therefore, you should provide your children food containing low sugar level. The good breakfast is:

  • wholemeal toast with eggs
  • porridge oats sweetened with fresh fruit or even dried fruit
  • white natural yogurt with fruit or nuts
White Natural Yogurt with berries and nuts is a great breakfast for kids

Can some food help to improve my kid’s memory?

You might feel that your children do not remember the things they have learnt at school. There are essential vitamins that should improve the memory such as Vitamin B1, B5, B12, C. But I think that one of the most important for the healthy brain development is Omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 resources suitable for children and the type the brain needs:

  • egg yolks
  • full-fat dairy products
  • oily fish
Salmon is popular kids choice when it comes to fish. Add green leafy vegetable and rice or couscous.

Can I do something that helps the immune system remain strong?

There are simple points we should make sure our children gets every day: good quality sleep, physical activity and hydration. Nutrition play also a role, just it need more research.

I believe that essential amino acids are connected to the immune system, for example, animal source food, eggs, leafy green vegetables, seeds and grains.

Besides that, food rich in Vitamin A, C, D will help with fighting with infections. Those can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, seeds or legumes.

Health & Fittness

5 Ways How To Boost Your Immunity During Autumn

As the temperature and weather has changed, our immune system can leave our body vulnerable to different type of illness and diseases. While a strong immune system will cope with attack of viruses, one that has been weakened by poor nutrition and too much stress will struggle.

We should take care about our health and bodies. Getting enough rest, eating healthy foods, exercising, mediation and avoiding stress should help you maintain optimal health.


  1. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Poor nutrition is a common problem when the weather starts to be colder as we tend to crave for something unhealthy.

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