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Fibre Factor Diet

Fibre belongs to the family of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the main source of fuel needed for any form of physical activity, fuelling brain and overall vital function of our body. However, fibre itself doesn’t provide us energy as it is enzyme human digestive system is unable to break down and hold its sugars together instead. That results into slow release of sugars in food, reduce hunger and satisfy our appetite. Therefore dietary fibre is behind the weight loss.

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Is appointing a nutrition advisor a waste of money?

When you decide “that is the time to lose weight” and you are serious about that, hiring a nutrition advisor is one of the main thing you should take into account. A person who can recognise your personal needs and goals will lead you the way that is the most convenient for you and the most effective.

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Two Third of Kids Suffer From Lack of Vitamin D

Two third of kids suffer from lack of Vitamin D which can cause couple of health issues and might lower kids performance. Vitamin D protects the immunity, support our kids attention at school and memory. Therefore, lack of Vitamin D might lead to decrease in their performance.

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