Every client has different goals, needs and requirements and therefore, the client programme is always personalised. It is not only about writing down the meal plan, it is an approach to your better you. You can start and stop this programme anytime but I always suggest the best way is to try to stick with plans for 3 months.

Main areas I am helping my clients are:

NUTRITIONAL THERAPY is a scientific approach to health. You will improve your health, prevent and deal with number of illnesses and promote wellbeing. Changing a lifestyle is a difficult journey when you are on your own. I will use assessment, clinical toolkit and different questionnaires in order to improve your life with food. Over a period of few weeks we will do regular checks, reflections, re-assessments to get you on the right path. Meal plans with shopping lists, new recipes, exercising plans and much more is also included in this premium programme.

WEIGHT LOSS programme is aimed to people who would like to improve their body weight. There are diets that can work in short time, diets leading to yo-yo effect and lots of information that can be confusing. Together, we will choose the best approach how to lose the weight using healthy food. The programme will include assessments, clinical toolkit tools and regular body analysis. It will also include weekly meal plans and shopping list, food supplements and other suggestions. We will be reviewing your progress regularly.

HEALTH COACHING is a premium client programme for individuals or smaller groups. It is a holistic approach of wellbeing and healthy living in sustainable way. This process involves looking into wellness and aspects of lifestyle that we can and cannot change. I love interaction with clients and put them on the right path in their future life.

1:1 private sessions when I will guide you how to change/improve your health NOT ONLY with food and exercising. It is more than just handing out the meal plan. It is a complex premium client programme.
We will work on your health assessment, revealing your health issues, monitoring your progress, suggestion on food that will benefit your health which includes list of Vitamins, Minerals, Food and Antioxidants.
You will get the best result by combination of personalised nutrition matching your dietary needs &
2x30min or 1x60min personalised training. I can also arrive to your house and we can do training around your comfort area too which saves you time!

What else can you get:

  • 7-day personalised meal plan every week + shopping list + tips & recipes
  • premium client programme
  • personalised exercising plan
  • tracking your goals
  • improving cooking curriculum
  • support in-between whenever is needed
  • follow-up consultations every week
  • professional body composition analysis (fat and lean analysis)
  • mental health support
  • health coaching
  • clinical assessments and monitoring improvements

You will benefit from:

  • weight loss
  • change your lifestyle and feel satisfied with your body and soul
  • NO yo-yo effect
  • gain energy
  • lower cholesterol
  • prevent and manage illnesses
  • know what your body is made of – body composition analysis

Step-by-step guidance during which you not only loose weight but also learn how to create new healthy eating habits that fit your tastes and lifestyle without yo-yo effect!