Body Analysis

InBody professional scanner: Body composition analysis

Do you want to take steps to manage your weight? Are you looking to lose weight or gain muscle? If so, get accurate measurements of your body. 

InBody scanner provides a detailed analysis of your body so you can Find Out What You Are Made Of 

  • Track your progress :  track your body composition data to help achieve your goals 
  • Body Fat & Muscle Mass :  how many kgs of body fat and muscle mass are on your body and where it is located
  • Visceral Fat :  potentially dangerous internal fat located around your organs

InBody scanner provides you with detailed analysis of your body’s composition. It gives you an accurate way to measure your weight goals. 

I will measure you, document your data and the scanner provides the rest of data. Accurately measure your weight, body fat, muscle mass, BMI. You will then receive your results as a one-page analysis, which we will talk through with you. 

Based on the results, I can help you determine what you should improve, how many calories you should be eating and what will help you achieve your goals. 


InBody Analyser 
InBody result sheet is a one-page document. It also tracks your historical data.