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What Did I Eat During Cancer Treatment?

Diet during your cancer treatment is extremely important because all you want is to feel good! Feel good in that moment stands for feel as healthy as possible, no pain, have a taste, no tiredness, etc. I was diagnosed with cancer nearly a year ago and shortly after that I started chemotherapy treatment. Doctors are telling you how important diet will be from now on and what you should eat BUT one thing is theory, other thing is reality and experience.

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January: month of dieting. Is it healthy?

Christmas holidays are over (along with lots of eating and alcohol consuming) and we feel bloated. Therefore, we are looking for diets and how to get rid of extra kilos quickly. But is the strict dieting healthy for our body?

More than 25 million people will start their diet in January, however their resolution does not last very long. 9 out of 10 will break it after only 12 days!

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Vegetarian Healthy Goat Cheese Tart

This is so good low-calorie, low-fat, high protein option for your snack – it does not contain pastry and instead of cream use creme fraiche. Make this quick & easy snack to be your lunch or dinner – cut bigger piece and add little salad – as it is irresistible! Plus it is veggie!

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7 Easy Snacks You Will Love (and they are veggie)

Do you struggle with ideas what to grab as a snack or you just need to fill a gap between your meals? These SUPER QUICK snacks are very healthy, low in salt and sugar, yet still rich in Vitamins & Minerals. And the best? Nono of these are more than 200kcal!

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