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January: month of dieting. Is it healthy?

Christmas holidays are over (along with lots of eating and alcohol consuming) and we feel bloated. Therefore, we are looking for diets and how to get rid of extra kilos quickly. But is the strict dieting healthy for our body?

More than 25 million people will start their diet in January, however their resolution does not last very long. 9 out of 10 will break it after only 12 days!

I understand the frustration from not being able to fit into jeans but we should not let ourselves starve or start strict dieting. The best is to go back to our routine, appoint the nutrition advisor and personal trainer – that is the safety way.

Your aim should be get rid of fat, not your muscles, which is easier to reach with professional help. Couple of weeks under the monitoring of professional advisor will lead you to result that might take you much longer if alone.

There are two group of people – intuitive eaters and controlled eaters. Without professional guidance, you might develop unhealthy relationship with food – you may become controlled eater. Controlled eaters will more likely fail or become overweight. The other group, intuitive eaters will less likely end up over-eating, spend less time thinking about food and know when they are actually hungry.

Dieting can become dangerous subject – the records based on a research when women supposed to express their thoughts about their bodies shows results like: “I look disgusting”, “nothing fits me”, “I feel so fat”. These thoughts might form self-abusing. By simply losing weight it won’t erase the real problem. Changing the views on food and weight is much better approach.

If you experience similar thoughts or feelings, try to speak with professional nutrition advisor, nutrition therapist. You can also join our Health Coaching Group where you get your confidence back and will learn how to develop positive relationship with your body, food and self-esteem. Contact me for details

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