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Healthy food should lead to overall health. But beside the healthy body, food may influence your feelings and mood – mental health – as there are many researches confirming this statement.

Food affects mood
In general, healthy eating means consuming variety of “good food” – vegetables, fruits, legumes, lean meat, healthy fats, whole grains, etc. – sources of protein, vitamins and minerals should help you to keep your mood stable – reduce mood swings, depressions, and anxiety. Putting saying that from different point of view saturated fats and excessive intake of sugar may lead to opposite effect. Also high consumption of alcohol has negative on mood as it may lead to anxiety.

Healthy food rich in nutrients keep your blood pressure and sugar level steady. It is necessary to eat the right foods (whole grains, low sugar, healthy fats) but also the right amount of it and regularly in order to prevent from swinging mood.

Mood affects food 
The nutrients in healthy food support the production of serotonin, the “mood regulator hormone”. This hormone is associated with improving mood and feelings. Especially Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D rich food are known to help increase serotonin levels in the brain.

Researches so far suggested that people in negative mood and negative statement of mind tend to consume fatty, salty and sugary food rather than healthy food. I have dealing with clients experiencing the same problem. Moreover, people with this negative statement of mind will refuse eating healthy food and refuse admitting that healthy food can be delicious.

People in positive statement of mind and in good mood will more likely choose healthy food. Beside, they see long-term benefits of balanced and healthy eating. On the other hand, if you feel exhausted or hungry you tend to grab salty or fatty food high in carbs. It is very common as it human’s natural behaviour. 

Certainly, that there are many other facts playing a role such as time-frame, gender, personality, amount of exercising, etc. Relationships are complicated and factors are changing. But I think that the complex statement confidently support an idea that well-balanced eating lead to better mental health – mood. 

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