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Is appointing a nutrition advisor a waste of money?

When you decide “that is the time to lose weight” and you are serious about that, hiring a nutrition advisor is one of the main thing you should take into account. A person who can recognise your personal needs and goals will lead you the way that is the most convenient for you and the most effective.

If you decide to make your plan on your own and do a research, you will find lots of contradictory information about diets and exercises that is not only time-consuming but might be also not-effective for you personally. What works for someone else does not necessarily means it will work for you. Every person has different perceptions, time for cooking, budget for meals and the most importantly starting weight.

Once you are determined to lose weight it should be not only for short period of time, but long-term process, your new lifestyle. So along the food/meal plan you are advice to eat should come also receiving knowledge about how to cook more healthy.

It is very complex topic then it seems. Nutrition is about balance – I saw clients who are not getting results because they do not eat enough or the balance is not in line with their personal intake needs. Therefore it is about personalisation – I talk and asses my clients to get an idea what is the best for them and I am able to develop the structured plan, prepare personalised meal plan with shopping list and recipes.

While being on a weight loss journey, it is important to stay under the control for at least 6-8 weeks to be able to recognise the change. Only after that you can see that the chosen strategy was a perfect fit. Follow-ups are therefore important too.

Nowadays we live in hectic life but we should relax and concentrate on our body and soul, we should find time to care about ourself. In order to save time and money, it is worthy to contact a nutrition adviser rather then spend money on products or gym membership you do not use effectively. It might look that nutrition advisor is an expensive but at the end it might the thing worth spending time and money for.

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