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Summer bodies

When and how get ready for your summer body? Well known sentence: If you had finally reached your desired weight it is recommended to maintain it for 1 year and you should be “fine”. BUT where to get 1 year now in May if you get weeks left?! Beside, during winter we loved snuggling on sofa with red wine (glass or bottle). So how long before your newly purchased summer dresses are out is actually enough?

I would recommend that more gradual approach will be comfortable for you and still you will notice changes, so anything from 6 till 8 weeks and more will be noticeable. Overnight miracle sounds great but your brain and body might be in shock.

What to eat?

Diet play the same role in shaping your body as workout does because you just cannot “out-train” bad eating habits. The whole process is the key to success! Whole meal food, unprocessed food in form of easy starches and sugars such as fruit and vegetables, nuts, pulses and lean meat (if you are not vegetarian).

I know people being on strict diet, diet without carbs or no dairy, no sides, etc. But is it really necessary? We love food, we love variety, we need to enjoy our lives. I am sure you can achieve the results without starving, eating your favourite fruits and drinking flat white.

Manufactured foods eliminate a lot of the digestive processes what results into storing fat.

– Moodi Dennaoui, The diet doctor

Processed food slower your metabolism because body needs less calories to digest. Whereas energy intake from whole food will be burned quicker – your body needs use more calories to be able to digest it.

Give it time

Changing our eating habits is a process that takes time and our brain needs time to process that change in order to be able to react. I am always imagining body being managed by little creatures (as in Movie Inside Out). Those little creatures can be confused with immediate change of your new eating plan so don’t be mad at yourself in case you won’t lose 10kg during a month. Sustainable way is the key. We should not give up after couple of weeks – it puts people off when they do not see the immediate change.

Yes, nearly every person knows what was said but how many are acutely doing that? That’s why I find important to get some help at the beginning of your journey, someone who will encourage you and keep you on the track.

Any rapid weight loss is unhealthy and you can do more harm to your body & soul. Your hormones will be unstable and you will be not happy. Moreover, you can develop mental issues such as anorexia or bulimia. And that is the last thing we want.

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