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How to Avoid Consuming Extra Calories

While being on a mission to lose a weight, you should make sure your calories intake is lower than expenditure. I am sure that by quitting the calories you do not need to necessarily consume you will be more successful.

  1. Do not use dressings
    When we are trying to lose weight, the salad will be on your plate more often. Try to order salad with the dressing on a side (then you can pour over your salad in a limited amount) or without dressing overall. Mayonnaise is usually added to dressings which will turn your low calorie, low fat salad into high calorie version. Extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar is a better choice over dressing.

  2. Do not drink sweet drinks
    Fizzy drinks are full of sugar and anyone on diet should avoid those drinks. But even the ice-coffee or ice-tea are high in sugar although those drinks seem to be “fine”. Beside that, consumption of food & drinks high in sugars will increase your craving for sweet food. All that will result into increase of your calorie intake by hundreds so drink rather only water and try to drink your coffee & tea sugar-free.

  3. Prepare your lunch box
    Eating in restaurants or take-aways is easy and quick solution but does not need to be necessarily great for your diet and it ends up being an expensive option. If you prepare your lunch box at home, you will have a control over the ingredients and calories. Prepared lunch can be cold (in case you have nowhere to heat it) – cous-cous, pasta salad or wrap. Later you can enjoy warm dinner at home with your family.

  4. Do not store chocolate in cupboard
    If you live at home alone, then you simply do not buy the sweets or crisps. However, living with someone who do not share your passion about healthy food and diet might be tricky – seeing some goodies in fridge and cupboard might be teasing. Try to slowly take your family on board and make them realise that healthy food is not only diet, it will make you healthy and happy. How about some home-made low sugar dessert? You will see that they will love it and share the same passion with you.

  5. Consume mini-desserts
    You do not give up sweets forever because we do deserve treats when being on diet. Treat yourself at the end of a week or when drinking coffee with friends. Just try to choose not the biggest cake in a shop, try mini-versions (that would mean half of the calories), or desserts containing dark chocolate and nuts. “Fatty” desserts will satisfy you more then just the one full of sugar.

  6. Learn how to cook healthier
    Being on diet does not mean you have to give up all your favourite food. You can still enjoy the burger – just eat one half of the bread or do not add bacon. When having chicken, try the grilled version instead of fried. Steam the vegetable and add to your main dish – you will enrich your plate.

    Living healthy is about the balance. Just try to find your own ways how to lower the calories in your meals but you will still enjoy it.

    If you are interested into healthy lifestyle, healthy food, new recipes or would like to change your lifestyle overall, then contact me. I will teach you how to approach to your new journey.
mini desert made with dark chocolate and fruit

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