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Two Third of Kids Suffer From Lack of Vitamin D

Two third of kids suffer from lack of Vitamin D which can cause couple of health issues and might lower kids performance. Vitamin D protects the immunity, support our kids attention at school and memory. Therefore, lack of Vitamin D might lead to decrease in their performance.

Healthy and balanced diet help boost our immune system, including consuming variety of fresh fruit and vegetables as contain various and vitamins. But we should not forget Vitamin D that play a vital role in immunity protection.

Children with insufficient intake of Vitamin D might suffer also serious problems in the future such as decay teeth, muscle pain, fractured bones, hair loss, disturbing sleep or moodiness.

Vitamin D in oily fish

Especially during the winter when children are not exposed to lots of sunlight (sunlight supports it’s intake) we should provide Vitamin D in other ways. Intake can be substituted by consuming oily fish or fish oil. Salmon is the most popular fish among kids and it is widely available. If you feel your child do not like this type of fish, then you can purchase Vitamin D in spray. I do recommend Dlux Junior Oral Spray made by BetterYou.

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