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Summer Body: 8 benefits of Smoothies

Smoothies are unconditionally part of summer drinks/food as their colours reminding me blooming meadow. Attractive and  colourful drink is full of nutrients & vitamins brings lots of benefits! Get a straw. Cheers!

Find out 8 benefits why you should add this

drink on your menu

  1. Quick and easy

    You can buy variety of smoothies in supermarkets or by juicy retailers. However, making your own is easy, quick and fun! It doe not take long, you can ask for your little helpers to fill your blender and press the button (all kids love pressing the buttons)!

  2.  Get daily your 5-a day

    Some people have full bowl of fruit on the table but do not grab a piece. For those is consuming their daily allowance of fruit and veg challenging. Blending a couple of servings help you meet the nutritional needs.

  3. Detox

    We are exposed to free-radicals on a daily basis. Our body has to find nutrients in order to get rid of toxic waste. Antioxidants obtained by consuming fruits and vegetable is the answer! Add “greens” and kale into your smoothie to aid your body’s detoxification processes.

  4. Energy

    “Raw foodist” is a great example to prove this statement as they consume only fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. If you ask them: “Aren’t you tired”? I am sure that the answer will be NO. Mix your favourite fruit for a breakfast drink and add honey as energy-boosting ingredient. Another secret weapon can be green tea (matcha), guarana powder or lucuma.

  5. Reduce cravings

    You are not hungry, you just crave for something sweet or salty because your cells are not satisfied. Replace high-calorie and low-nutritient snacks with a healthy alternative.  There is a trick – add oats or cashews into your blender. Both are loaded with protein and fibre so your stomach will be filled of great nutrients and vitamins.

  6. Impact on your beauty

    Nowadays, expensive botox injections, shampoos and branded creams have an impact on our budget. Instead, supply your body with the vitamins and minerals such as avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, broccoli or grapes. Anti-aging nutrition program is a way how to keep our skin and hair look healthy & young.

  7. Strengthen your immune system

    Take control of your health by adding healthy and delicious smoothies rather then pills. You will reduce the number of times you get ill.

  8. Stop being mardy!

    Yes, beside all those healthy effects, it helps you balance your mood too. Smoothie recipe give you a boost so you feel happy during the day. De-stress your brain by consistent level of serotonin (fat that is involved in neurotransmitter function).
    Which ingredients are the best to keep your serotonin level up: avocado, coconut milk, walnuts, bananas, cinnamon, spinach.

Protein rich smoothie satisfy cravings, green tea is a powerful antioxidant and banana boost energy level.

Do you feel that those points are enough for you to start consuming smoothies? There are lots of other benefits and it all depends what you put into your blender. But whatever you will choose, there is never the wrong choice.

If you wish to share your experience by consuming healthy smoothies, feel free to write comment below. And of course I would like to know your favourite recipes!

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